Sunday, August 7, 2016

Purifying the U.S. legal system

Before the U.S. Constitution can be used as the basis for the international government, the United States must purify our legal system to prevent laws and practices that have created chaos within the United States from spreading chaos onto the international level. We have set up a new blog so people around the world can Track Our Progress.

One of our organization's exempt purposes is to purify the U.S. legal system by setting up two programs. The first is to create programs in five major U.S. law schools to review laws, and the second is by hosting dinner parties for the senators, Supreme Court justices and the president of the United States where we offer our services as channels, and our guests will have the opportunity to ask the past kings, queens and presidents of history, through group channeling sessions, their perspective on how the law up for review can be purified, simplified and clarified.

We hope the law school classes continue on long after our organization is terminated and we have achieved our goals.