Four groups of people from each nation will be included as part of the delegations.

  1. The selected representatives of their government (and their family members) to assist in setting up the three branches of the international government: 
    • the Legislative Branch, 
    • the Executive Branch
    •  the Judicial
  2. The experts from their fields from each nation to help to set up the departments of the international government: 
    • the Department of Commerce, 
    • the Department of the Treasury, 
    • the Department of the Internal Revenue Service
    • the Department of Agriculture, 
    • the Department of Natural Resources, 
    • the Department of the Environment
    • the Department of the Interior
    • the Department of the Oceans
    • the Department of Transportation
    • the Department of Defense/Facilitators
    • the Department of Corrections
  3. Each nation is welcome to bring a cultural group to represents their culture. Each afternoon, one nation will be chosen to host an event to demonstrate and respect the diversity of the nations that attend the conference. The events can be plays, concerts, art exhibits, or cooking demonstrations, or other type of event unique to that culture. 
  4. The people who present their nation's invitation to their government. These people will offer the invitation to their government, and every invitation will be the same, to be signed or not signed on the same day as all the other invitations, as part of an official announcement. There will be no judgment if a nation chooses to "wait and see," because the first issue to be brought up at the conference will be what to do about the governments that have chosen to wait and see. The invitations will invite the government to bring together their delegation, and name the date when to announce to the world whether than government chooses to participate. If the government chooses to attend the conference, the people of this group will also attend and encourage the official delegates from their nation to function for the highest good for their people.