Conference Rooms

Each morning, the delegates will meet in the large auditorium and overflow rooms if required, to address global issues related to world peace, and then the delegates will separate, depending on their purpose. 

Each of the branches, the Legislative, the Executive and the Judicial, will have a room. 

The international government will function on a continental basis and then meet at times on a global basis, so rooms for each of the continents will be set aside for the government-level delegates to meet to discuss issues that relate to their continent. The Judicial Branch will consist of Local Courts in every nation to handle disputes within the continent. There will be Superior Courts on a continental basis to handle disputes between nations on different continents. There will be a Supreme Court to address the Constitutionality of laws and practices established by the other two branches. 

There will be rooms set aside for family members of the delegates to gather and to meet with the delegates.

Each of the departments will have a room. 

Those who have presented the invitations to their governments will have a room, too, but they will also have access to all the other rooms. Their presence will encourage the highest possible end result for the dialogue at the conference.

Our organization will have a room for the organizer, who will work with the conference hall representatives to ensure the facilities are adequate, to answer questions, and to direct inquiries to the proper sources. There will be no one individual who is responsible for overseeing the entire conference. Each of the members of the organization is responsible for his or her own aspect of the conference.